Advanced Conscious Uncoupling Coaching

Transform Heartbreak into a New Beginning

with Lina Shanklin, M.A., M.S.
Transformational Coach, Teacher & Intuitive Healer

Personally trained and mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas, author and creator of Conscious Uncoupling

Now There IS a Better Way To Break Up…

You can choose to make this painful ending a new and unprecedented beginning and start creating your life for the better today.

When Life Hands Us Big Disappointments, We Have A Choice…

To try to go it alone or seek expert guidance and a tested path that has helped 1000’s of good intentioned people like you, of all ages and stages of life, to turn their own painful breakup and divorce around.

♦ If you are struggling with whether to stay or go
♦ Your breakup is raw and right now
♦ In the past and still causing you suffering and pain
♦ Negatively impacting your children and family
♦ Affecting your ability to sleep, work or make important decisions
♦ Just 1 more in a long string of disappointing relationships
♦ Stealing your joy and happiness
♦ Impacting your future in any way

With the expert guidance and depth of experience of your own personal CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING COACH

You can turn your painful breakup or divorce into a life-affirming opportunity to make something powerful and beautiful of this disappointment… no matter the past history or present circumstances.


“Rather than resign yourself to living a lesser life or close your heart for a long time, you can choose to make the next 2 months THE TIME you make a powerful commitment to yourself to transform your life, forever break the painful patterns that got you here, and take powerful next steps to create the life you most desire to be living.”

—Lina Shanklin
Senior Conscious Uncoupling Coach


I know from my friends, family and my clients, how a breakup can be one of the most traumatic experiences of our lives, shaking our faith in ourselves, in others and in life itself.

It can steal our happiness, block us from moving forward, and take years to heal. We feel unsettled, lost and not like ourselves.

The dreams we had and the future we saw for ourselves
and our partner isn’t going to happen.

It is exactly at this point, you can make a life affirming choice instead that will alter the direction of how this is going for you and for everyone concerned.

It can be you who determines that this ending will mark a new beginning!

With my experienced and insightful personalized coaching and clear, compassionate step-by-step support you can have it be a time for profoundly waking up. I can teach you to use those strong emotions to propel you on a profound journey of self–discovery that allows you to love and accept yourself in ways you may never have before in your life.

Through Personal 1:1 Coaching I can insure that you will experience those key insights and breakthroughs that will support you in making the most critical and significant steps for creating a powerful new beginning and a life you love, and prepare you for your greatest opportunity for great love in your future.

If this stirred you and summoned a glimpse of the possibility of a new beginning, let’s plan for a 45 minute Complimentary Exploration Session to engage and show you how Conscious Uncoupling Coaching could work for you.

“During our first session, for the first time I could remember, I felt a freedom I don’t ever recall experiencing before.”

—Susan K., 42
Marketing Director

“I have done all sorts of spiritual and personal development, but this breakup devastated me in a way I couldn’t have imagined. I was worried about the negative effect it was already having on our children. After our 2nd session, I knew I would be able to do this with your commitment and belief in me, despite the state I was in and how powerless I felt. With your depth of experience and insightful coaching and support, all that turned around! I didn’t believe it was possible in such a short time. You truly are a miracle worker!”

—Ann D, 51
Graphic Designer

Meet Lina
Your Conscious Uncoupling Coach

My coaching follows the nationally recognized, groundbreaking program, Conscious Uncoupling created 5 years ago by bestselling author and teacher Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT. This process was publicly acknowledged and spotlighted by Gwyneth Paltrow and her musician husband, Chris Martin’s who announced their conscious uncoupling last year. They continue in a remarkably cooperative way to co-parent their children.

I had taken my own conscious uncoupling journey years before from my own husband of 14 years. We were able to successfully navigate the transition of our relationship, allowing for a beautiful, supportive and loving friendship to take root. Both of us were able to call in new love in a relatively short time. The choices I made then amazed our friends and families and opened the way for me to be where I am today. I am grateful now to be able to make a profound difference in women’s and men’s lives every day, helping them heal and move forward, midwifing miracles and magic for them in every aspect of their lives.

Busy in my own 10 year career in international private practice as a Transformational Master Coach specializing in Love and Relationships, I was thrilled when I was personally invited by Katherine to train as one of a handful of top coaches worldwide in Conscious Uncoupling and be part of pioneering the beginning of this powerful program. Along with my busy private practice, I continue to work closely with Katherine in her inner circle of Senior Coaches and mentor new coaches.

Since then, I have coached 100’s of individuals and couples internationally guiding them through these 5 simple, but profound steps to turn their painful breakups and divorces into life affirming opportunities. They have been able to end their relationships, while putting forth their better selves, not only affirming their goodness and dignity, but setting themselves free to begin to flourish in life and love and to take their own critical steps to create a happier fulfilling future.

With Love,
lina shanklin signature

lina shanklin conscious uncoupling coach

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start.”

—Nido Qubein

Exploring Whether Coaching is for You & How You Can Get Started…

Complimentary Exploration Session

Sign up for a Complimentary 45 Minute Exploration Session by phone or Skype, or Request a Consultation.


If you decide to continue together, we will create a calendar for sessions either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, tailored to your own pace, schedule and life style and begin.

During the Complimentary Session…

 We will have time to get acquainted and share what’s happening in your current situation and get your most pressing questions answered.

 Shift out of seeing this ending as a failure of love into embracing it as an extraordinary catalyst for your evolution and transformation.

 You will receive valuable insights and tips on how to avoid the 3 biggest relationship mistakes that can extend suffering and block you from restoring your sense of self and the confidence to create a new happier future.

 Experience a powerful and liberating process to turn those big emotions into the fuel for making the 1 decision that will empower you to navigate this ending with calm, clarity and dignity, even if your ex is angry or not cooperative.

 We will look at the KEY steps from where you are now to where you want to be in the future, so you have clarity on the path that will lead you there.

I will share what I feel would be the best personalized coaching program for you, based on our discoveries, your goals and the steps to get you there.

AT THE END OF OUR SESSION, based on our discoveries and your goals…

YOU Will Have Clarity About Where You Are Now
Where You Want To Be In The Future

And how your Personalized Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Program and the KEY STEPS I suggest for you CAN GET YOU THERE.

“Contrary to popular belief, time does not heal all wounds, we do.”

—Katherine Woodward Thomas
Author, Conscious Uncoupling


Ways We Can Work Together

I offer two different ways we can work together. The choice points are really up to you and what serves your highest and best good, including scheduling. We can decide if we are a fit and what is best for you during our Complimentary Exploration Session.

1. The 5 Step Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Program for Individuals or Couples

You read the pertinent chapter of the Conscious Uncoupling book before each session.

I will provide you with your own personalized workbook, designed to guide your self-inquiry between our sessions in a clear way.

We will meet by phone on my international conference line with global/local call in numbers or via Skype. On the conference line you will have the option of a recording of our sessions, sent as a link to download your own MP3 for review.

After completing the 5 step program, you may choose to go on to…
2. Advanced Uncoupling and Personal Growth & Evolution Coaching for Individuals or Couples

♦ Discovery and Breakthrough Session
We turn toward any issues that would keep you anchored in an old pattern of relationship and release them in session. This includes new or ongoing challenges or setbacks.

♦ Mastering the 5 Essential Relationship and Communication Skills Critical For Creating and Sustaining Healthy, Wholesome, Lasting Love
You will Master the 5 Essential Relationship and Communication Skills needed to be confident in your capacity to navigate, deepen and sustain any relationship.

♦ Setting Your Best Future in Motion
In this session, you will be leaning into the future, setting your vision and discovering the critical next steps for that new chapter to be written.

Our Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Sessions


I will be bringing the ideas and principles into actual life-changing “breakthroughs” that will liberate you from the unconscious patterns that got you to where you are today in your relationship.

Drawing from 30 years of research, training and experience coaching, teaching and working as a practitioner in powerful healing and rapid change modalities, enables me to facilitate the kind of deep and lasting change that will open the way for a profound sense of inner freedom and confidence to create a whole new level of change and momentum in your life and in all your relationships.

You will be confident that you are making a dramatic shift and new beginning in how love and relationships have gone in your life, and that you will be able to create a life you love.

We begin…

Step 1: Finding Emotional Freedom
Discover the 3 keys to heal heartbreak and unlock the methods for transforming your difficult emotions into the powerful fuel for catalyzing leaps in your growth and ultimate freedom.

Step 2: Reclaiming Your Power & Your Life
Heal the heartbreak of this breakup and connect with your power to reclaim your well being, vitality and sense of being fully alive.

Step 3: Breaking the Pattern, Healing Your Heart
Take the 5 most important steps of your life to heal the original source of the experience of pain in love and break the pattern forever. As you unravel the old story of pain and disappointment in love, and discover a deeper, more true story of who you and what lights you up, you will be led forward with power and possibility for the love and life that is ahead for you.

Step 4: Becoming A Love Alchemist
Take the steps to consciously and respectfully complete your relationship, liberate yourself from resentments and learn to generate high magic that will create peace between yourself and your former partner, no matter how bad it’s been.

Step 5: Creating Your Happily Even After Life
Engage a Soul-centered ritual that will empower you, your former partner and all involved to move forward toward loving completion, opening your heart to attract healthy, happy new love and generate a rich, new rewarding future.

Session 6: Celebrating the Gains, Graduation and Moving Forward
Now is the time for appreciation, celebrating the gains and harvesting the best from your journey. And, from your new perspective, you will set a new powerful intention for the way forward. We will partner to create those critical next steps that will give you the kind of momentum to propel you forward into your best future.


At that point, you may elect to continue working with me, bringing the principles and practices into up-leveling all your relationships and partnerships, creating a meaningful career that reflects your deepest values, giving birth to a long dormant creative project, or calling in your Beloved who is inspired and ready to be up under your wings and weave the next chapter of life and love fulfilled together.

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Helen H, 45, Regional Manager, Tax Preparation Company

“When I began Coaching with you, I was exhausted and at the end of my rope. I really couldn’t imagine that anyone would take on a working, single mom with 2 kids and barely enough time to take care of myself. But I wasn’t willing to resign myself to being alone and contacted you to work with me.

It’s been a true miracle how my life turned around when I went through both coaching programs with you, beginning with Conscious Uncoupling, followed by Calling in “The One.”

Not only did I finally uncouple from the toxic dynamic with my ex, but with the work we did, I broke the pattern that I had always led me to such big disappointments in all my relationships with men. Our family got healthy and I quickly met the most amazing man. He is a wonderful father himself and is upbeat, loving and 100% supportive of me in ways that have never happened before in my whole life! My children are doing well, there is peace with my ex, and we are planning on getting married and looking for a house to buy together. I truly broke the pattern because of my work with you!”


Dr. Natalie P, 49, Corporate Analyst, PhD

“Working with you has been the most extraordinary experience I have ever had. Your coaching has completely changed my life from financial, to career success, to a new love relationship to an inner peace… and that – like the MasterCard commercial says, is priceless.”


Janet H, 64, Business Owner

“I love where I am for the first time in my life.”


Andy, 58, Film Editor

“Your coaching has an uncanny way of bringing clarity to personal issues and patterns. You helped me uncover and change old default behaviors that were leading me to a chronic sense of feeling alone and actually preventing me from having a great relationship again!”

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Contrary to popular belief that we have somehow failed if our relationship doesn’t last a lifetime…
New studies reveal MOST OF US will have 3 major relationships during our lives.
That means you are likely to experience
at least two major breakups!

We need a way to break up better!

Schedule Your Complimentary 45 Minute Exploration Session by phone or Skype.